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Darwin platform


What are we?

We are essentially online platform designed to promote and assist scientific and technological projects with an environmental or health intent. In turn it is intended to launch awareness campaigns, own projects and serve as a link and connection between anyone who wants to help to channel efforts and optimize results.

The mechanism to achieve their ends revolves around collective collaboration and seeks to create synergies and collaborations between 7 main groups. These groups are:

  • General public: it becomes a natural person wanting to help the world and those who live in it.
  • Companies: all those who wish to carry out R+D+i, which falls within the parameters of the Platform.
  • Public entities: all those administrations, municipalities, etc. that are open to improve their area or collaborate on a project.
  • NGOs: foundations, non-profit associations or similar with like-minded intentions and platform (ecology and medicine) who are willing to cooperate in the development of new ideas.
  • Investors: natural and legal private capital able to invest or participate as partners in the projects of the Platform persons.
  • Darwin Platform itself: either helping, investing or raising awareness with own projects or otherwise.
  • Helping teams: boosters, incubators.


collective collaboration

It is a "new" model consisting of non-specialization of the types of existing collaboration; ie grouping and channeling of all models of the universe "crowd" (crowdfunding, crowdlending, equity, coworking, crowdknowledge, volunteering ...).

Each researcher indicates your needs and how much it would cost to cover them monetarily for your project, giving option to either group to meet this need in different ways. For example, a project that has X material in disuse can lend it to another who needs it or rent it or sell it (a good price) and thus also raise funds for research. Or, if their research are similar or complementary, they can work together to achieve its purpose. In addition to the current model requires crowdfounding you reach a minimum (which will continue to initiate projects), it will also serve as support for projects already in development amount. Both to reduce costs and expenses so that they can continue to develop and come to fruition.

In short, the collective collaboration serves for anyone to be able to help meet the needs of the project in any way that they consider appropriate.



¿Mera intermediation?

No. The Platform does not assume a passive position and is not limited to being an intermediary. Besides trying to ensure their proper use by all those involved (through models of editable contract or obtaining data to ensure the good faith of employees, and measures will be added as funds), the Platform seeks to raise awareness , promote projects, give them visibility, help actively seeking solutions either partner or being the same platform itself; encouraging meet the intent of the platform giving preference to the general interests over corporate interests. In addition, also it performs own projects of various kinds, but always aimed at improving the environment and those who live in it, taking advantage of collaborations with companies, organizations and projects.


How do we work?

Platform consists essentially of an NGO and a company; the first takes over donations to projects, volunteer events etc. The second focuses on the management, negotiation, counseling, partnerships, business models and intermediation in third profit (sales, rentals ...). The company will allocate all surplus capital for the acts of the NGO.

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