You have a research able to improve the planet and those who live in it? This is your place.

We look for researchers wanting to do things right.

We do not want to cast a study you need for your research, we want you to hang your research, we have a day and you go telling us all of you need to stick with it, and have even begun. We know that in any investigation they arise additional expenses and problems of all kinds and our idea is that you always follow your research. Tell us if you need equipment, machinery, personnel, transportation, partners, investors... all your needs and how much money it would cost to cover every need. We're up a network of researchers, companies, organizations and anyone wanting to do things right and make this planet a better place. So that together we can help and you can help others like you. Not only monetarily if not in kind or as they can. For example, you can donate, lend, rent or sell material that does not use projects that need it and incidentally finance your yours or vice versa.

Forget the competition, here we seek to cooperate, if a project is complementary to yours, why not share data to achieve the two?, or are similar, what if you join and you grow and optimizáis efforts?

No matter what you are, freelance researcher, belong to a university or be a company in its R+D+i, all are welcome if you pretend to make this world better.

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